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Be wise, be healthy

Be wise and if you think your wise right now then i can ask you to be more wiser.

Today our world is full of disaster and calamity. There’s a flood and there’s dengue, lots of people dying with cancer right now (I’m glad my family don’t have that, thanks to our Lord), there is diabetes and hypertension. Do we need this to happen to us before we make an action? Or we can prevent it from happening and live a healthy living. Having a sickness right now is also a disaster sometimes people spend lots of money and sometimes because of their lack of resources they suffering from their sickness and not treated it. Sometimes after spending lots of money they still not cured. So if you think I’m saying it right then you start caring for yourself and your love ones. I do love my family i do love myself.

Pure Barley NZ  – is the right supplement to reduce the chance of having an unfavorable disease/sickness. We don’t have to wait disease or sickness to come and cure it but rather prevent it from coming.  Have a healthy living everyone and Thank you for reading.


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Chlorophyll takes off excess cholesterol, triglycerides and other lipids in the body.

Arginine keeps blood vessels efficiently and melts the substance clotting the blood vessels.

Procollagen Type IV prevents formation of plaque in the blood vessels.


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A Testimony of Maritoni Fernandez (actress/businesswoman)

Maritonie Fernandez

I, Maritoni Fernandez, was diagnosed with moderately differentiated infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the right breast, BREAST CANCER, stage 2 on April 4, 2001. I was 32 years old and a mother to a six year old girl. The lump removed was 1.8 cm in diameter and was found to be malignant. (more…)

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